Mysteries of the Universe & Rumi's

Discoveries on the majestic path of love

$22.00 USD

English text with rumi's poetry written in its original language of Farsi and translated by Dr. Naini




Mind-Body-Spirit Relation

& Mystical Balance

Approx. 200 min.

Farsi    3 DVDs: $40.00 USD

The Mystical Life Journey

Approx. 40 min.

Farsi    CD: $10.00 USD

Universal Peace & Harmony

UCSB/Ventura College

Approx. 90 min.

English     DVD: $14.00 USD

English     CD: $10.00 USD

Global Peace - United Nations

English    CD: $10.00 USD

Approx. 40 min.












Farsi     $10.00 USD each

Jam-E-Jam Television

Mysteries of the Universe - 18 Part TV Series


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