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In this turbulent and violent world, everyone desires to become an island of peace

and serenity so they can cure their own and others' pain. Reaching this island is

very difficult, yet simple. Around 750 years ago, Rumi, the master and servant of

love, concocted a prescription from the alchemy of love that possesses a magical

effect which becomes more apparent every day. Rumi teaches us that a human

being by understanding and recognizing himself, with the help of the magical alchemy of love, can be born again and soar to the highest state of ecstasy in which the whole universe will bow to him. When a human being is born again, all causes come under his feet (command).  Rumi provides a detailed map that gives us directions to turn ourselves into an island of peace and serenity.  Even in this chaotic world, we can follow this map and jubilantly soar, and continue our life journey on this earth towards eternity.  In these DVDs, Professor Naini discusses the latest discoveries in science, technology, medicine, psychology and explains Rumi's magical prescription.




Global Peace - United Nations

English     CD

Approx. 40 min.


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Rumi teaches us that happiness is a state of mind:





Universal Peace & Harmony - UCSB/Ventura College

 English    DVD or CD

Approx. 90 min.

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Mind-Body-Spirit Relation & Mystical Balance

Farsi     3 DVDs

Approx. 200 min.

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The Mystical Life Journey

Farsi     CD

Approx. 40 min.

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Farsi     vcd

Jam-E-Jam Television

Mysteries of the Universe - 18 Part TV Series

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