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Mysteries of the Universe and Rumi's Discoveries on the Majestic Path of Love









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Love transformed Rumi, a conservative theologian, into a liberated, euphoric mystic poet who fervently fell in love with the Divine Creator and the whole universe. This book is about Rumiís majestic journey and transformation into one of the most magnificent, inspirational lovers of all time.  Divine Destiny placed in his path an old drifter, Shams of Tabriz, who guided him to the glorious path of love. Rumi had a lot to lose when he took his enormous gamble on love and followed Shams. However, this new majestic path elevated Rumi to the peak of such euphoria and enlightenment that nothing mattered to him anymore. When Rumi threw off his turban and robe and started to whirl jubilantly, the most beautiful poetry poured from his lips. 


Dr. Nainiís own translations from Rumiís most accurate original Farsi texts offer the readers a few sips of Rumiís incredible potion of love, visions, knowledge, and insight.


Dr. Naini's book is being used

as a text and reference at several

major universities and organizations

throughout the world, including

Hawaii Pacific University, Toki

University in Honolulu, Kent State

University in Ohio, Rutgers University,

University of Esfahan, College of

Literature and Rumiyoga Center.

This is the first book which looks at

Rumiís poetry from the perspective

of science and technology.


Around 750 years ago, Rumi, through

his higher senses, experienced the

most astonishing visions about the

mechanism and structure of the

universe, its realities and mysteries.

Rumi described phenomena such as

the creation of the universe, music, the

force of gravity, nuclear explosion, the

sunís light, the spinning Earth and

galaxies, matter and antimatter, and our

five higher senses that scientists

discovered many centuries later.

Rumi actually shows how to

appreciate the wonderful journey of

life both in time and space on this

Earth, throughout the universe, and

beyond. Above all, Rumiís poetry

emphasizes love, the miraculous force

that quickens the flow of the energy of

our souls and allows us to soar to the

highest state of ecstasy. He declares

that love is the reason for the creation

of the universe. Love makes mountains

dance and the whole universe sing a

heavenly song of Divine Unity.


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